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What we do.

Stick Shift Academy is committed to teach every student, to properly handle a manual transmission vehicle. You will be at ease and safe at all times. We will teach you, step-by-step, everything there is to know. We deliver the most effective teaching strategies that win the interest of first-time drivers of manual transmissions. It’s how our academy consistently leads its market.

How we do it.

Did you know that many people who currently drive a manual transmission do not know how to properly drive one? Most people have had to repair or replace the clutch at least once in the lifetime of their vehicle. They also spend a lot of money on break-pads and gasoline. Spending more money unnecessarily is due to improper handling of the clutch, the gas pedal and not thoroughly understanding how the gears and its components work together.

Why Learn Stick Shift.

Have you ever wanted to drive a manual transmission car but couldn’t find the right person to teach you? Do you have plans to travel to Europe and rent a car? Do you know cars in Europe are driven manually and to rent an automatic vehicle costs a lot more? A lot of people like sport cars and these come with a stick shift. Are you one of them? And, with rising costs in gasoline, you can save money by driving a stick shift.